Blue Flower

Records Management


Program Outcome:

This particular program can provide one with fundamental expertise essential in day-to-day professional records administration tasks. You will understand skill sets that will help you arrange records in almost any structure whether it is papers or perhaps digital.  

Who must enroll?

Registrars, management as well as secretarial employees, as well as records supervisors can benefit from going to this course. The program is particularly helpful for experts who have the effect of generating records offered to end-users.

Program Overview:  

The program deals with

Organize, explain as well as put together listings concerning records to ensure they are available to consumers

Perform an information audit

Show understanding of principles, language and ethics relevant to documents administration

Understand category techniques in order to arrange as well as access records

Create documents and/or information for consumers digitally as well as in printing

Classes Format:

Face-to-face inside a team setting

Materials Provided:


Hard copy of curriculum materials, exercises and templates.