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Web site design consists of numerous procedures as well as skills within the creation as well as upkeep of web sites. The various aspects of web site design incorporate website graphics; user interface designing; authoring, including standard code and trademarked applications; consumer experience design; and seo. Frequently a lot of people will work in groups addressing different factors for the design process. The expression web site design is usually used to explain the design procedure concerning the front-end (customer side) design of a website incorporating writing mark up. Web site design partly overlaps net engineering within the larger scope of net development. Web-site designers are required to get an understanding of usability and if their function requires producing mark-up they are supposed to stay up-to-date with net accessibility best practices.

 Our aim of our Web design training is give you the confidence to design web sites that are brilliant and professional.




Target audience


Literacy in computers Computer HTML is a must

Aimed at individuals  who wish to edit and design websites of a professional nature.


Literacy in computers

Of use to those who wish to create rich media, websites that are interactive, instructional media, good presentations, games etc.

Google Analytics

Literacy in computers,

web sites knowledge and URLs.

marketing professionals, Webmasters, web designers.


Basic PC Literacy.

Essential  for designers of webpages. Basis for individuals maintaining or creating websites.

HTML5 upgrade

CSS, HTML and JavaScript

Programmers plus Web Designers.


PC Literacy.

Of use  to Graphic Designers practitioners, Web site creators and  digital Photographers who need to gain and knowledge intermediate and skills in this program.


The above skills will assist students in obtaining the necessary skills to maintain and create websites.

Although at first the above could be seen to be complicated, it is through the above courses that students will obtain the necessary skills to master website development.


This will give students the necessary confidence and training to go forward in their relevant website pursuits.