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The reason why we have to manage diversity in our organization?

A few of the textbook answers are:

Cost discussion - because organisations become more diverse, the price of carrying out a poor job in integrating workers will increase. Those who handle this perfectly will thus create cost advantages over people who don’t.

Resource acquisition argument - companies develop reputations on favourability as potential business employers for women and people of colour. Those with the best reputations for dealing diversity will win the competition for the best personnel.

Problem Solving Argument - heterogeneity in decisions and problem solving teams possibly produces best decisions through a great deal of viewpoints and more through critical analysis issues.

System flexibility argument - the system becomes less determinant, less standardised and therefore more fluid. Enhanced fluidity should create increased flexibility to react to environmental modifications.

Marketing argument - for the enterprises, the insight and cultural sensitivity that members with roots in other communities bring to the marketing efforts should improve these efforts.

Creativity argument - Diversity of perspectives means that less emphasis on conformity and will result in an increase in creativity.

Legal requirement - The Act on employment and occupational equity requires organisations to conduct an organisational audit which includes information on employment, pay and benefits by race, gender and disability.


For an in depth discussion of these concepts and other important areas of discussion please refer to training on diversity.