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Website / URL Training / PHP Training


A visit to this website also provide insight on website training (PHP Training).


Intro: Web Design: HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE & CASCADING STYLE Newbies: Training Program

This particular program} is actually geared towards delegates  |who would like to study web design for individual use or for  company purposes.  After successful  conclusion  of this  program, delegates  will have the ability to:  develop a basic web page, structure content,  use styles using CSS,   make use of tables and get around an internet site (PHP Training).



HTML & CSS newbies  course is highly recommended to delegates who want to get web design skills for their  individual or  company use. After  the course delegates can with confidence make his or her own internet site starting from scratch (PHP Training).


 Diversity Training

In order to achieve high quality and affordable diversity management training. You need to understand what diversity management is all about.


What precisely is meant by the words "Managing Diversity" or "Celebrating Diversity". There must be thousands of definitions and images of what diversity is. A simplistic working definition could be :


"Appreciating similarities and differences equally and at all levels of the organisation.’


Although concise, we need to analyse this definition:

"Appreciating’’ means to treasure

what does  ‘’similarities and differences’’ mean?  We seem to have issue problem with acknowledging similarities, and treasuring them in others. In actual fact, it only human nature to like anything that is in our "own image".


 "Differences" however are more difficult to deal with. This is made even more complex by the fact that in the OLD South Africa, difference was used negatively. It is through difference that a hierarchy of power and privileges was created giving each of us a place determined by that difference.

What we need to remember is that there is nothing wrong with difference; it is the meaning and value that we attach to the difference, which is important.


This leads us to the word "equally" in the above definition. Despite what we learn previously we need to give difference equal value . We cannot celebrate diversity if we do not believe that differences, in the way others do things, in the way they think, their culture or their colour of their skin is equal to ours. In our rainbow nation South Africa all the colours must have equal value.


Other Training Course Initiatives


There are a range of other computer skills and soft skills that can be acquired.


Voice control are also important skills that can be acquired.



Other courses of interest include: 




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